Thursday, 3 May 2012

W is for Whippy Ice cream… you remember it…I do, I’m salivating right now. Maybe that’s a bit too much for me to share but I am. They were yummy vanilla/cream/yum ice creams swirled into a big swirl in your cone with a yummy Cadbury flake stuck in to add architectural beauty, contrasting colours and general all round YUM!!!!

I used to love the sound of that ice cream van chime - I can’t write out how it sounds because there are no words but it meant magic was coming…and it was second only to the Coca cola advert at Xmas for the bringing of said magic. It meant joy and happiness was but a hop, skip and a jump away. It meant, Mr Whippy, the first man I ever truly loved was coming around again! Yes I am still talking about the ice cream!

Whenever I think about a Mr Whippy I regress back to the days of skipping ropes and my little ponies, where I was close personal friends with Tom and Jerry and where my mum still cut my fringe by putting a bowl on my head, it was even a PRE Girl Power era. I think I idealise that chapter of my life, except the lack of Spice Girls, because things were simplier, no job, no car insurance, £10 a month was enough to live on very happily and you could actually go round the corner and ‘knock‘ for your friends to come out and play rather than having them live far North…as far North as Warwick!

What a very nostalgic blog I have begun today but you see the thing about that is…Mr Whippy is simple. Mr Whippy is yummy and Mr Whippy was only 99p. That’s another thing - you called them a 99 originally because of their price but it caught on and now when I run after the Ice cream van chime pushing small chubby kids aside so I can be at the front to relive the magic I ask for a 99 but it costs me £1.99...that. Is. Scandalous!

What do you think of Mr Whippy? Do you have Mr Whippy? Have you even heard of a Mr Whippy? Is there a Mrs Whippy?


  1. I've never heard of Whippy Ice Cream, but you definitely make it sound really good. Is the Cadbury flake sort of like the Cadbury eggs at Easter?

    Good luck with your Z to A Challenge; you're smart to get the harder letters over with first.

  2. Oh no - its very yummy! And yes it has the Cadbury's flake in it just like the Easter egg ones! Its delicious!

    Thank you for the goodluck too! :) x