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10 Glorious Grover Greats.

See the thing about that is...

...I don't really think that's a good title, oh how pants...what I was trying to express in a matter of three alliterated words was the top 10 great things that Grover, of Grovermauve Bloglets, is or has! 

You see world of bloggers, tweeters, facebooking, linked in, myspace, and any other social networking hot rods that I have missed out who happen to be reading this, Grover, of Grovermauve Bloglets, is a friend of mine, and once prompted by moi, recently wrote a fantastic bloglet about 10 Wonderful things about Hannah. Hannah is me, aka Burkester for those of you following my early Blogletting experiences. I don't want to say I started this whole Blog because I felt I should return the favour but basically I started this whole Blog because I felt I should return the favour.

Disclaimer: These are my personal top 10 Glorious Grover Greats. I am not saying they are great for everyone or that the opinions or comments made are any reflection on anyone else's lesser greatnesses because lets face it we can't all be as splendid as Grover for she is splendid for splendid sake.

1) Grover is unspoilt by the World.
I have said this time and time again but it is still true! Grover is unspoilt by the World, a little less true since she met the Muffins of Zoolane but still fairly true nevertheless. The thing about Grover is she has this incredible ability to enjoy, appreciate and take pleasure in anything that is around and despite all the horrible things that happen in the world, all the bitching and back biting, all the politics, the hate and pretentiousness somehow she is immune to it. The Grover never bitches, she never seems stressed or angry - in fact I think I can only count 2 events in our lives where I have ever seen anything even remotely like a 'grump'. The first involving a Philly and a near death situation at a pond which anyone would have been slightly tense about and the second involving an Ugly Monkey. Quite frankly the aforementioned Ugly Monkey was making a huge imposition of himself and therefore this too is an understandably, understandable reaction. Still how many people do you know that are good to the core when not around ponds or unattractive monkeys?

2) Grover's Family of Groves'es.
Leading off from the first great thing really...once you meet the Groves'es you understand how the Grover is as unspoilt and delightful as she is. They are such a perfect little family - to paint the picture if you were to have a film called 'Meet the Groves'es' which ran with the same premise of the film 'Meet the Parents/Fockers' though there would be no dad who strapped you up to a lie detector machine, no crazy cat, no garden fires (though the Groves'es do have a fire bowl), no roof top climbing what you would see is lots of smiles....they smile a lot the Groves'es its lovely really because you get that genuinely warm fuzzy feeling when you're around them. Its like when you've just had a really good bath and you're all warm and fuzzy, its great. PLUS Mr G offers alcohol at ever possibility in between playing singstar/rockband with you, Mrs G makes you so welcome and she does the yummiest food and in a psychic, I know when you need it, way THE BEST Coffee, Mini-Groves is a bundle of.....something....she's like a kitten and a puppy rolled into one - excitable and cute and with more excitableness thrown in, Jakey the Rabbit is just the cherry on the cake - never has there been more tweets about one gorgeous bunnies poo EVER! (The bunny being gorgeous not the poo!) And the Grover completes the set which makes her infinitely great.   

3) Grover Knows Stuff.
Lots of Stuff! Not necessarily stuff that would change your life by knowing it but somehow her knowing it makes me quite happy and not just for the use of her brain in pub Quizzes. Quite frankly she is a sponge (not as in the sponge with the candle sticking out of it in the Hanalogy...boat, limpet...you know the one), but a useful sponge - sometimes she can even answer questions that are on University Challenge...I know right, whoaaa! She did Latin and Greek at university and no lie right but basically I think she would have me believe that all words come from the Latin or the Greek...I definitely haven't found a word yet that she cant explain better to me. Like, right you think you know what something means....Hannah for example - its a name right? WRONG! Its not just a name its a palindrome, and a palindrome is a word which can be spelt the same backwards and forwards, (you are all so blatantly jealous of my super cool name right now!) - of course Palin = back/again in Greek and Dromos = running....Grover taught me that. Game. Set. Point.

4) Grover is Highly Intelligent.
I realise this is kind of a cop out as it links into the above point but I had to mention it separately because it is a different kind of intelligent. Grover is the one person on this earth who can generally....normally follow my trail of thought/speak...I can explain to her in an 3 minute ad break between one show and the start of a desperate housewives episode the entire 6 previous series including the crazy time jump forwards part what has happened to every single character in the entire course of the show and she then seems happy to watch the episode feeling, clearly caught up....at least she is intelligent enough to not ask more questions in case I give her more horrifically long answers.

5) LEGO.
The Grover enjoyed Lego. That is all.

6) Grover pursued me.
Ha ha this is one of my favourites. I, as has been said before, don't really remember the first time I met many of my friends. To me they have always been there because they are always there and I love them for their continual love and support. Grover, however, does remember the first time. It was in Freshers week at University and we were upstairs in the bar and I thought I was going to a pub quiz when it turned out I was at a 'special meeting'. Upon realising this was no pub quiz I swiftly and loudly exited. Grover then pursued me and somewhere along the way slipped into the friend zone. I barely even saw her coming the wiley little munchkin!

7) Re the above. Grover remembers EVERYTHING.
You need a showtune, a band name, a book title from your childhood, a childrens tv show, an actor, a songtitle, a theme tune or any length or variety and Grover will be there. She is the one who is always able to answer any Question which starts with the words 'Oh what was the one....'. Grover knows. Grovers ace.

8) The Grovermauve Story.
In celebration of Grovers' brilliance came the Grovertron story and thus the creation of the word Grovermauve. For those of you who don't know Grovermauve is the new colour of bad. I don't I need to say any more.

9) Grover makes funny things #LOLWall funny (#LOLWall = super hilariously funny, so funny that you should make a wall of LOL in your house out of epilepsy fit inducing fairy lights. Word).
Sometimes when I think something is funny I will say it to Grover usually via text (as she hates me a little and mutes me on Skype so we cant talk...ever) and the Grover always replies something hilarious. Take for example one afternoon last November:
Me: 'I am so excited about seeing you at new year...want to stay the night before?' (this is in a strictly platonic way...just cos some of you out there might actually not know Grover or I and I want this to be clear...I would never come between her and Philly.)
Grover: '...yes are you sure I will not be too much of a hassle.'
Me: 'You are a bit of a hassle...remember that time you were all thirsty and kept asking my mum for water.'
Grover: 'I know! And I kept requesting she bring it in a shot glass just so she had to keep going back to the kitchen.'
Me: 'I think it was the oi biatch comment she objected to most.'
Grover: 'Yea...she didn't seem to appreciate that...maybe I should have stopped calling her that after an hour or so.'
Oh now I have read that in black and white it doesn't seem as funny...no I just read it again on my phone and it is funny. I think its funny because I can hear Grovers voice saying it. I like Grovers voice.

10) And finally Grover's Eyebrows.
You knew it was coming didn't you. There was no way they could escape the Glorious Grover Greats without mentioning the Eyebrows. I cant tell you why they are great but if you ever see them I challenge you not to declare 'Oh my lord look at those splendid eyebrows...' I challenge you!  

I can't believe that's 10 already...I realise that was a lot of babble but I hope you feel more enlightened on the wonders of the Grover. I feel enlightened and I could write several more qualities of greatness but I see how long this looks and I think I should just sign off with a: G'day folks!

Burkester xxxx

P.S. I am sure you each have your own, please feel free to write about them because otherwise how will we know if you keep them to yourself! 

P.P.S Grover introduced me to the drinking game G'day Bruce. Class.  

Beginning Again.

See the thing about that is...

...what a rubbish name for a blog title I hear you saying! Well if you have a better one go away and start your own blog and use it instead of being mean about mine! Crickey O'riley what a start!

What you should know about this blog and I is that I never intended to become a blogger. I tried it once when I went travelling but didnt have the time to sit and write while I was out there - instead I went bungee jumping, swam with sharks, raced elephants, cuddled Tiger cubs, played with the locals, ate lots of new things and generally had the absolute time of my life. TIME OF MY LIFE! That was this time last year. A year ago today I would actually have been in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur seeing the KL tower and looking out on a beautiful city. I was tanned, slimmer, my newly blonde'd hair glowing in the sumptious Asian sunshine...just painting the picture, trying to make myself sound exotic and mysterious...anyway thats another time. All you need to know is that I am starting this Blog for Grover.

For those of you that know Grover, you know that she herself is a blogger and she writes 'bloglets' (-I know she is so clever coming up with that....please note no tone of sarcasm here - I actually do LOVE the term!) It was Grover's new years resolution to blog once a week - she has thus far been completely successful in this endeavour and makes me chuckle with every new bloglet that crosses my twitter path (I highly recommend them if you are having a bad day or just want to get to know abit more about the aforementioned Grover....she'll be famous one day thats for sure!) - for those of you that don't know Grover stay tuned as my next blog will be 10 Glorious Grover Greats.

So thats it for Bloglet numero uno. I've said 'Hi', I have mentioned my fondeness for the only other blogger worth mentioning out there (grovermauve.blogspot.com) and I told you I went travelling which should elude to some possibly exciting bloglets to come...maybe...who know's, stay tuned kids!

Burkester xxxx