Monday, 14 May 2012

N is for Naughty or Nice?

This is it - this is your mid (ish) year check for how on target you are for Christmas and Santa's Naughty or Nice list. This is SERIOUS DUDES! It could be the difference between getting a brand new shiny bike or a puncture repair kit, a cute little fluffy puppy or merely a puppy poop, an ipad or an i-no-pad. So sit back and answer honestly:


1) Someone falls over and splits their trousers open to reveal penguin pants do you:
a) Laugh hysterically, maybe point a bit and generally draw attention to the hilariously unfortunate event that has befallen someone else that's not you for a change.
b) Helpfully be helpful and help said person up and cover their dignity back up with a hankie you blatantly have in your pocket.

2) There's £50 on floor do you:
a) Pick it up and spend it on many wonderful things like a bazillion penny sweets or a new guinea pig.
b) Take it to the police station and hand it in because after all it's not yours.

3) Your friend calls her babysitter has cancelled and she wants you to look after her 4 children so she can go out with her husband, they are all under the age of 6. Do you:
a) Tell her you would love to but that you are actually already looking after your sick aunt who is visiting and then sit down to an afternoon of friends DVD's, wine and home made popcorn dipping it in a pot of chocolate sauce.
b) Tell her of course that's not a problem and worry about the kids nappies and all other kids stuff that goes with it later because you are essentially a good friend.

4) There's a concert you really want to go too but its on a work day where you promised you would stay late and help out with some filing. Do you:
a) Call in sick and spend the whole day preparing for the concert with loud music, a long bath, beautifully painted nails and just generally an amazing day before heading out to see the band.
b) Go in to work help out as promised and then if theres time try and get to the concert after work which probably will not happen so head home and wait for it to come out on DVD to watch.

5) It's new years eve there's an ugly dude in the corner coming at you with mistletoe do you:
a) Push your best friend in the way just as his chappy lips come at you.
b) Close your eyes and think of England.

So which do you think you are Naughty or Nice? And do you have any other questions I could add to this? I'm loving this idea so hit me up with some more if you can think of any?

Thanks for checking back and reading again - Z-A challenge continues tomorrow with M....check back if you can! Much Love xxxx

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  1. Hello. I am going to do your excellent quiz.

    1. Hmm, I would probably laugh, but I don't think I'd draw attention to it. I don't have a handkerchief though ... so I probably have to say 'a'.

    2. b - mainly because what if it's one of those hidden camera shows and when you sneak it into your pocket, someone jumps out from behind a lamp post (excellent hiding place) and shouts loudly that you're a thief?

    3. b - but none of my friends have four children yet ... things may change if one of them does in the future.

    4. With regret, b - if I've said I'll go and help, I'll go and help.

    5. a - I think it would be a natural fight or flight reaction. Sorry if you were the friend.

    Another question:
    You're in a busy car park and spot a space at the end of the row you're on. You've also seen that there's an old woman about to turn into the same row. Do you:
    a) Accelerate hard, dodging pedestrians as best you can, screech into the space and perform a victory dance as you exit your vehicle.
    b) Slow down, wait for the old woman to turn into the row and point out the space to her, before driving past and making another circuit of the car park in the hope that another space will come up soon.