Thursday, 10 May 2012

P is for the Philly...

1. Ukraine, 2. True, 3. Snakes, 4. Soup, 5. Wilma, 6. Ruby, 7. Bat, 8. Poisidon, 9.Pizza, 10. Three, 11. Scooby Snacks, 12. Lulu, 13. The 70’s - 1973, 14. Maple, 15. Leather, 16. Salt, 17. Mercury, 18. Yes, 19. Barbie, 20. Kiki Dee, 21. Chromosomes, 22. 24, 23. Fozzie, 24. Dec, 25. I like Lisa but its always been H, LOVE H.
NOW ONTO THE P BLOG! Today P is for the Philly.

Now for them there people who don't know what a Philly is, it's a person. A female person to be precise. A female person with blonde hair and a big smile. I have drawn a picture for you...(it ruined the format here so I'll post it separately)...but it's exactly how she looks, right down to the t-shirt!

So why am I writing about Philly...well yesterday she was kindly taking the time to read my blog and she came out of her way to point out my many spelling mistakes and errors which just reminded me how much I, quite, like her....I'll explain further...

Philly means total honesty. I know that out of every one of my friends I can rely on her to tell me exactly where I stand, always. I like this a lot because I know the honesty comes from a good place so when I've done something rubbish even though I don't always want to hear it she is actually, probably, just trying to make me a better me!!!

Philly means always having a partner in crime. Whether it be for dinner somewhere or a movie night or even a future accomplice to the mixed spice and cinnamon sandwich challenge - she's up for it. I remember coming home from a night out once and finding a massive 20ft roll of cardboard - the kind that one gets from the inside of a roll of carpet and suggesting we might need this in our house. Of course Philly helped carry it home and though corners were harder to navigate the walkie talkie nature of the echoey tube helped speed the journey along.

Philly means laughter. She's funny. A lot! She is just the right amount of sarcastic combined with witty and muppet-like and I love it! She introduced me to the term ‘food baby’ - when you are so full its like a baby of food is inside your tummy - maybe that didn’t need an explanation because I feel like I just killed it. Ah well!

Philly means educational. As I said before she likes to comment on grammar etc and she reads a lot and seems to know a crazy amount about everything. I don't tell her this but I do learn a lot from her, she likes to use big words too and she once taught me how to spell the word umbrella. We can joke about this now right?

Philly means super. Super in the Comic book super hero way. This is especially good because with all the Marvel movies that have been coming out the last few years I get to learn more about the characters, their back stories and even more, so its not a bore (that’s another one in the bag!)

Philly means dare devil. (This links in with the partner in crime one). One time my housemates and I were discussing what to do on a boring afternoon and we came up with stair sledging - Philly volunteered and a near death experience later we knew that trying to slide down a set of stairs in our house wearing only 2 belts and a cycle helmet leads to the opposite of boring!

Philly means loveable. I don’t know what it is about her but she is a rather cute little thing and people cannot help but love her. She’s sweet and oddly charming! People just end up staring at her with a sort of love look.

Philly means Confident and Successful. She has a masters degree and a good job and I think is a good role model for me in these ways. Plus she’s confident in a lot of ways and I’m proud of her for everything she has done. She hates the soppy stuff so that’s enough of that…she’s also a confident dancer and can ‘bump and grind’ with the best of them. Including Ted.

Philly means big hearted and kind. There are too many examples to list but the most recent was arranging some flowers to be sent to my mum from all my friends when she was ill and just last week listening to me when I had a bad day.

Philly means Philly. And I like that.

That’s all for today but let me leave you with the thought, who’s the Philly in your group? Is there someone this awesome in your circle of friends?

P.S I also like that Philly occasionally makes a delightful sound when she laughs and is THE original crotch hand.

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