Thursday, 4 April 2013


E is for eggs. Specifically the fear of eggs. I, Burkey Burke of this here blog, would like to stand up and be counted and tell you I am egg phobic. Actually I am ovaphobic as that is the politically correct term for the fear of eggs! It's a real thing I SWEAR!!!

It seems a strange fear I know but its a big one for me. I've had it ever since I can remember! I never liked them as a parents would try that whole egg and soldiers thing - you know with the dipping and the little cut up toast! Now while I never had a problem eating pieces of bread named after men who fought for our country and protected us - which is a bit weird - I could never stomach the egg! It isn't all eggs mind....if that makes me sound any less weird?!?! It's specifically cooked eggs....I cant stand the smell it makes me feel physically sick....cooked in cakes is fine but cooked sunnyside up or scrambled....yuk even the idea makes me gag! Sorry! You know the worst thing a new boyfriend or friend could ever ask me is 'How do you like your eggs?' I'd have to reply with 'As far away from me as possible!'

So thats my E. I think I need to go shower now because I've talked about THEM too much and now I feel icky! So wonderful challengers whats the worst question a new partner could ask you? Do you have any strange or wacky fears or phobias because I would LOVE to know....seriously dont leave me hanging here feeling like an absolute nut job weirdo....any phobia will do....and if not do you like eggs? Is there anyway I could try and ease into the egg thing....maybe, can you help me be less of a weirdo....ewwwww!

Or WAIT do any of you not like eggs! Lets start a club! X


  1. Maybe something like a tortilla would help ease you into liking them. It doesn't look like an egg sitting on your plate, but the egg is less disguised than in a cake.

    Don't think I have strange fears/phobias but the whole "I like children's cartoons and lego" thing is probably a bit weird ;)

  2. I actually love eggs. I don't think I have any truly odd fears, at least not that I'm admitting to today.

  3. Is that a fear or just a dislike? The worst thing I could be asked by a date is "do you want to meet my wife?"

  4. Eggs are pretty popular today.

    I personally don't care for eggs by themselves. I'll eat a boiled egg, but only the whites.

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  5. I have never heard of that phobia! haha! You're unique. Funny to use it as your 'e'.... LOVED it!

    Waiter, drink please!

  6. My daughter is the same way. She hates when I cook them for her daughter but my granddaughter loves them.