Thursday, 4 April 2013

Da da da da dddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hello lovelies....thanks so much to those of you who've come back again and welcome newbies....yesterday was a pretty wordy D so today I've eased D is for digital photos. Here's some of mine from my travels. Hope you like :)

Shots are from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia....not necessarily in that order though....xxxx


  1. These are all my own photos by the way :)

  2. absolutely breathtaking shots! I want to know where each came from! You have a photographers vision!

  3. Well, you put my travel posts to shame! Wow... these are great photos!! I LIKE switching it up from photos to words on the blogging. I think this was very effective and interesting. Great job!!

    My travel journals will now seem silly. You are well traveled. :)

    See you for "E"...

    Waiter, drink please!

  4. Gorgeous photos of a fascinating area of the world.

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