Tuesday, 2 April 2013


B is for Brain!

I studied Psychology at University and I loved every minute of it. A large part of my course was neuropsychology - the study of the brain and its neurochemistry. We looked at the localisation of brain functions....how different sections of the brain are responsible for different jobs for example the frontal lobe is thought to be key for shaping your personality. If you find this interesting you should google Phineas Gage - he was involved in a surreal incident where by his frontal lobe was destroyed in a freak accident and he returned to a state of basic primal urges, sex and aggression, people claimed his whole personality disappeared and he changed. There's also the parietal, occipital and temporal lobe - key for language, perception, memory, pain and well pretty much everything else!

I think it's just crazy amazing how much goes on in an organ no bigger than your 2 fists held together....it determines who you are day to day, how you work....everything from breathing or memorising to releasing hormones that help create new life! Right now there are millions of electrical and chemical messages being sent to your brain - you are receiving electrical messages from neurones in the back of your knee informing your brain of how it feels every nanosecond, you are recalling the ability to recognise letters and interpret a language you probably learnt as a child as you read and all the while you're breathing....hopefully....and storing information. IT'S AMAZING! Or is it just me?

Your brain holds you together, decides who you are and perhaps even who you're going to be and in that way it helps me believe in fate....while I don't know what's out there I can believe in a grand plan because of such a complex and outstanding piece of creation.

Well that's B....while I'm here and talking Brain I'd like to recommend a book called 'Proof of Heaven by Eden Alexander' a neuropsychologist who had a near death experience and tries to explain it in terms of neuropsychology. Fascinating, so yes that was B....further recommendations on Brain reading or Brain blogging would be very welcome and comments on what you think! I just love that it catches me every now and again....it catches me how much is happening right now up there in my big ole 'ead ;)


  1. You're such a clever bean. I bet you don't even have to check you haven't written 'Brian' every time you write 'brain' ... not that I do ...

    Seriously though, I love hearing you talk about/reading you write about the brain and all the amazing stuff it does :)

  2. I do think Brian ALL the time! Loving your blog though Grover! And loving reading everyone else's posts they're so good!

  3. Guess WHAT?! I asked for that book for Christmas, and I'm just waiting until this blog challenge is over to read it! I watched his Oprah interview and was overly intrigued. A natural skeptic, he has changed his mind. Love this blog post!

    Keep up the great work. See you tomorrow for "C." :)

    Waiter, drink please!

  4. Fantastic!
    Loved this and will be back for more :)

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  6. My "B" is about brain surgery. heh
    I, also, have a psych degree.

  7. I too am a psych. and I teach the neurology of addiction. My previous life as an LPT was spent dissecting many a brain in cadaver labs. I loved this blog entry...I have to say the book you refer to was good but I remain a skeptic...