Thursday, 7 June 2012

K is for Kipper

Kipper is one of my favourite words after Flapjack and Face-ache. I know you are re-evaluating your favourite words right now because I've wowed you with mine. It's OK don't feel bad I'm kind of awesome like that :)

So Kipper. Kipper is a good word for 3 reasons.

1) Its actual meaning; Kipper is a whole herring, a small oily fish that's actually quite nice and tasty.
2) There was a children's book called Biff, Chip and someone and the dog was called Kipper - they had a magic key! These are my earliest childhood memories and they are such happy ones!
3) There was an advert one time where a man hung out of a car and hit a pedestrian with a large wet fish. It was hilarious and I like to imagine the fish was a kipper. (Disclaimer: I don't know if it was a Kipper but please never tell me if you find out it wasn't....don't shatter the dream!).

This is why Kipper is my 3rd favourite word. You are now all enlightened and I leave you to enjoy your day! Bye xxx


  1. Wilf, Wilma, Anneena and Nadim all now feature in the Kipper books.

    Also, Kipper the dog is an awesome cartoon.

  2. THERE'S A CARTOON!!!! Whoa! Amazing x

    1. You never knew about the cartoon? This makes me so sad!