Wednesday, 6 June 2012

***BLOG OF APOLOGY*** (Nb: BT Suck)

This is a note to apologise for not being here...I feel I have failed all of you and I could not be more sorry!!!

I had no broadband for a very long time and the wi-fi at work wouldn't allow me to access my blog - OH NO! And a lot of WOE IS ME's later I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! Anyway I wanted to name and shame the company who has ruined my life (no exaggeration) because while I was unable to blog I was also unable to complete a YouTube challenge I was set....(view link and all subsequent videos for a little bit of extra joy in your life...) Let the challenges begin The cinnamon challenge The Cheese rap Friends attempting the cinnamon challenge take 2.

Anyway yes so BT was the company and let me tell you a little bit about said company: (I am using only the facts and you can make your own inferences as to what you think of them as a company):

1) Myself, my mum and my dad called BT a total of 44 times.
2) We were without Internet including wi-fi for 4 weeks and 4 days until a technological family friend came by and worked for 3 hours to fix it for us.
3) All calls to BT reached their call centres in India and all by 1 call lasted over an hour.
4) This 1 call which did not last an hour lasted only 3 minutes 52 seconds where one of BT's employees told my mum that he did not want to speak to her and that he would wait until my dad returned home and talk to him. When my mum asked if he was refusing to talk to her because she was a woman he replied. Yes and wished her a good day and ended the call. We have made a complaint.
5) BT have not responded to any one of us.
6) We do now have wi-fi on our laptops but no real movement with the Internet on our main computer.
7) Virgin Media will very shortly have a new customer and we appreciate their offer of a technician coming out to personally help us. I find local technicians more helpful because I get to see them face-to-face.
8) BT Suck arse.

Ok that's all so I shall restart my Z-A blog I believe we got to L....I realise this is technically cheating but I want to complete the challenge for my own piece of mind!

Well love you all hope there's still some of you out there to

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  1. Yay, glad you're back online. BT do indeed suck.