Saturday, 2 March 2013

I am back baby!

Hello world,

How are things? I have been away a little while and for that I am truly sorry but I was abducted by pirates and held hostage while I taught them how to swim, (front crawl and breast stroke....doggie paddle wasn't enough apparently). You see world pirates struggle with swimming don't you know that is why they always seem so angry....yep, yep, yep true story here. Anyway I am back and just in time for a quick but exciting bloglet.

It is exciting because Number 1 - I start a new job in 2 weeks so no more marking which means I will have time for blogging and possibly even vlogging....I owe Grovermauve of Grovermauve innane ramblings several million videos by now and am getting on it, sort of!

It is exciting because Number 2 - I actually loved blogging before and I even tried that A-Z challenge except I did it Z-A and didn't finish but my heart was in the right place sadly BT broadband was not!

It is finally exciting for reason Number 3 - sometimes I am a bit weird and this blog can/will continue to be an expression of that weird/charming/eccentric/endearing/craziness that I know we all secretly love so an insight into me, my life and anything else I feel would be of interest to you and your lives!

That's all. Continue with your day to day. Smile at a mirror, laugh with child and drink a cup of tea through a straw until my return! X

PS I'm in of the wild Haggis who I hear run free over the highlands...update shortly...

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  1. Guess who's back, back again, Burkey's back ... wahoo! Very excited you're blogging again x